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Fine Line Engineering is an industrial engineering and services company established to provide its eminent technical and engineering services to glass manufacturing industries & equipment suppliers for the glass manufacturing. In addition we have been mainly active to provide visual inspection solutions to metal and glass manufacturing industries. 


A team with extensive and dynamic professional as well as practical experience of glass manufacturing and turnkey glass plant installation is our core strength, giving us the competitive edge in the industry to serve and support its unique requirements in all aspects.


Our main vision and approach is to serve and support our clients, providing them with best opportunities by introducing innovative and up-to-date equipment and new technology in glass market in collaboration with our leading suppliers in the glass manufacturing industry.


To serve unique requirements of industry, we believe to outperform by providing impeccable and quality technical services such as project management, site management, technical audits, plant design, production assistance, furnace heat up, furnace drain, ceramic welding and furnace endoscopy.

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